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A ratings community on crack

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Welcome to jeeby, kiddies. We've taken those ratings communities you know and love and added our own little twist.

Intrigued? Apply today.

Note: We judge on looks and personality. If either sucks, be ready for some no's.

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NAME!? Graham
AIM!? mrkixbutt

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NAME!? Holly
AIM!? mryoureonfireX

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NAME!? Natalia
AIM!? noiseandkisses6

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for the wannabes
→this is a rating community, cant take people rejecting you? then dont apply
MUST post application within 24 hours of joining the community. can't do that? your ass will be banned so fast.
→no applicants under 13, danke.
→don't apply if you can't type.
→if you dont know the difference between your/you're and their/there/they're.. don't even try to join this community.
→put "BOO!!" in your lj-cut subject line, so we know you read the rules
→make absolutely sure you have a brain before you apply.
don't start shit with any of the members already accepted. they got in, you haven't yet. put two and two together.
→put "I got the heeby-jeebies!" in the subject line.
→make applications friends-only
→where it says "include definition", you have to define it, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be from the link provided. especially if you know, they dont define it for you.
and well, thats basically it.

for members
→stay active, i.e. promote, write entries, and vote
→when you vote, be honest&harsh. why? because it makes it funny.
→make entries friends only please.
→when you post, put "stamped" or something of the sort in the subject line
→you can promote, but only if you promote us in another community, and provide a link [note, if you don't provide a link.. bad stuff will happen]. also, put it in a lj-cut and let us know what it is.

again, that's it.

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(no rich text or we'll hunt you down and throw you in the hudson river)
(even if you live nowhere near it.)



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